Our workspace

Find the workstation that suits your needs

Daily workstation

Your desk, complete with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Privacy is ensured by dividers between desks

We have four available workstations; you can choose the one you prefer upon your arrival.

Available for daily access

Coworking Val di Sole scrivania giornaliera

Personal desk

A desk all for yourself, with enough room to leave your personal belongings (from notebooks to desktop computers).
You can choose between two desks available at the time of booking. Only available for long-term subscriptions.

scrivania temporanea

Appointment space

The space you need for meeting clients or conducting interviews. It is located on the mezzanine for added privacy. Upon request, you can have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. In addition to your ergonomic chair, you'll find two chairs in front of the desk to accommodate your guests.
Available for daily access.

Coworking Val di Sole scrivania appuntamenti